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In Person Worship - 8:45 AM Contemporary and 10:00AM Traditional. Reservations are needed and masks are required

Adjusting to our New Normal...

Just like you have made adjustments to your new normal at home, we have been making adjustments at church too! Here are some ways we are staying connected with you during this unique time.

Sermon Series

Little Gods

Little gods is about what happens when we set our hearts on God’s gifts rather than God. In each case, the gifts become toxic rather than life giving. Thankfully, for each little God we are tempted to follow, there is a gift from the only real God that alone can satisfy the longing in our souls we are seeking to fill. When we are tempted to worship success, God calls us to sacrificial love. When we focus too much on our body image, God calls us to focus on our creation in His image to love and be loved. When we make sex a casual thing, God calls us back to intimacy. When greed infects our thinking, God calls us to generosity. When we try to make the mistake of trying to force our families to be perfect, God leads us to focus on what it means to be a part of God’s family.  Join us for the next few weeks as we explore the LIttle Gods: The Problem With Settling For Less.



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Adult Day Services

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