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For most people, the Bible is not the first resource we turn to when facing issues or challenges in our lives. Lots of people view it as an ancient book documenting the history of a religious people thousands of years ago. As followers of Jesus Christ, we know that the Bible is much more than a history book; it's the story of God's relationship with all humankind.


As we seek to grow in faith, share Christ, and serve others, reading the Bible is invaluable. The Bible is a guidebook for navigating our lives as well.  We desire to put God first in our lives, find our place in God's story, and claim the truth about who we are as God's people.

Current Bible Reading Plan

October Reading Plan

Praying Together

Spread out over 50 chapters, the book of Genesis is an origin story of how the earth came to be, the first people to inhabit it, and all of the good and bad that came along with them. This book is full of stories, lessons, and instructions on how to live and also helps us shape our view of who God is.  Genesis is us.


Our Bible Reading Plan for October 1-November 4 will focus on the origin of creation and sin, God’s promises, conflict between persons, wrestling with God, and how despite our humanity God’s intentions prevail. 

Curent Reading Plan


Jesus tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and that if we do, everything else will be added unto us. Just before sharing this statement, Jesus shares extended reflections about how we are to structure our prayers and finances. 

Our Bible Reading Plan for September 3-30, 2023 will focus on Jesus’ teachings from Matthew 6 regarding how faith guides us to understand and deploy our financial resources.

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Study Groups

Are there ways to ask questions or learn more about the weekly readings?

Are there ways to ask questions or learn more about the weekly readings?


Yes, there are multiple ways throughout the week to ask questions, spend time with others on the journey, and gain new insights about the readings. The following are offered weekly beginning June 5: 


Bible Reading Discussion Groups   
Sunday - 10:00-10:50AM

Reading Through the Bible Group - Room 155 (CADES Hallway)


Mondays - 11:30-12:30 PM 

Scripture Talk  - Zoom - Meeting ID 848 7973 4910, Passcode - John3:16 



Joyfully Women's Group - 2nd & 4th Thursdays - Room 246 (East Building Upstairs)


Friday - 10:30-Noon

Mom's Group - Room 196 (Above Preschool)



The "Daily Devotion with Concord United"  podcast follows our Bible Reading plan for the next 9 months. Tune in to dig deeper into the scripture or use it for you daily devotional time.

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