Pursuing individual therapy is a courageous choice; a choice for healing, healthy growth and change.

We offer TeleCounseling

Now as much as ever, we need help maintaining our spiritual, mental, and emotional health. We are doing video counseling sessions, scroll down for our phone numbers to schedule a counseling session. We also still offer in person sessions while following social distancing guidelines for personal interaction. Contact us to schedule a meeting that is comfortable for your needs!

"In this world there will be troubles." ~ John 16:33

It is inevitable that at some point in life, everyone needs someone beyond a friend or family member who can help them find real healing from the invisible wounds of life. 


The Concord United Counseling Center exists to provide affordable care for the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of church members and community members.



Please contact our counselors directly to make an appointment.

Ann O'Connor, PhD.

(865) 607-1329

(best way to reach Ann)


“As a licensed psychologist, I have provided therapy to the East Tennessee community for over 25 years. I integrate faith-based principles with sound psychological strategies to help clients set goals, and to make progress toward these goals. I specialize in helping all types of couples and individuals to address relationship issues (including premarital), anxiety, depression, family challenges, trauma recovery, life transitions and career coaching. I consider my profession a privilege and a calling.” 

Rev. Diana Brown Taylor

(865) 679-4419

Diana Brown Taylor, L.C.S.W  and a licensed therapist has worked in the mental health field for 25 years. “I work with individuals ages 16 and older who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loss and the stress of change that life brings our way. I also have a specialty in working with older adults and caregivers. It is extremely important to me that I create an environment that is non-judgemental and inclusive as we seek to work together.”


The Concord United Counseling Center provides care for mental, emotional and spiritual needs by licensed professionals at an affordable rate for members of Concord United and those in our community.  We aim to help clients identify their personal goals for counseling and help individuals and couples move toward these goals.  


Due to generous donations, the first 8 sessions are provided at a reduced rate of $50 per session. Further adjustments can be requested, and if approved, the session fee would be reduced. More details can be provided upon request.