Loop the Cove for CADES

Help support CADES Scholarships by participating in the Loop the Cove Fundraiser!


Individuals are encouraged to Run, Bike, or Walk the Cades Cove Loop which offers vehicle-free access each Wednesday, through September 27. Can't make it to the Cove on Wednesdays? Show your support by completing the 11 miles wherever you want OR sponsor our team below.


The registration fee is $40 per entry and you will receive a t-shirt!


Please note that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park now requires parking permits for any vehicle planning to park for more than 15 minutes. For more information on planning your visit to Cades Cove visit the links below.

CADES Scholarships:

Empowering Caregivers, Fostering Engagement, Improving Quality of Life

CADES recognizes the relentless financial burden placed on families who must care for an aging family member regardless of their situation. Our program charges a daily fee (set based on industry standards) that covers programming costs such as supplies, snacks, activities, personnel, etc. However, scholarships are offered to those who may struggle to afford daily fees.


Scholarship amounts vary based on each family’s needs as well as from year to year. CADES believes that finances or income should not limit an individuals’ ability to receive much needed services. There is no greater goal of our program than to remain a cost-effective option for the families who can afford to attend, while meeting the needs of those who cannot. We are proud to serve families of all income levels in our community.


It is projected that our program will provide between $28,000 and $30,000 in scholarships this year. We need YOUR help to continue serving and supporting individuals and families in our community living with dementia. Our fundraising goal of $12,600 will ensure our current scholarships are covered through the end of 2023!


Want to support CADES, but don't want to run, bike, or walk? It's easy, click the Sponsor our Team button and support our team completing the 11 miles for CADES.

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