BUILDING BRIDGES - Combatting Racial Injustice is a 4 part series for small groups based on the book by Ibram X. Kendi:
 "How To Be An Anti-Racist"


Video Sessions

Session 1

"The History of Racism"

Session 1 Resources (PDF)

Session 2

"The Problem With Being Colorblind"

Session 2 Resources (PDF)

Session 3

"Policy Matters"

Session 3 Resources (PDF)

Session 4

"What Now?"

Session 4 Resources (PDF)

Participants Recruitment Sermon

Share this sermon to illustrate the need to combat racism.

Download All Series 1 Resources

Want to download all of Series 1 - Combatting Racial Injustice for your small group or class? Click the button to download a zip folder for all 4 videos and another for the PDF Resources!

Sign Up for Building Bridges Part 2

Building Bridges Part 2 will focus on learning how to take action to end racial oppression.

Sundays at 7pm beginning Aug 30